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We think we differ from other suppliers in this respect. Others may say to you "The equipment will take 8 weeks to arrive, but you will need that time to build your arena".

Do you really want to build your own arena? If you do, then we can offer advice and supply plans for its construction. We can also supply a range of low cost and easy to fit decorations.

If, however, you would like us to turn a large open space into an exciting gameplay environment, complete with star-scapes and other vistas, then that is our forte. You will be amazed at just how fast we can transform your site, and theme it to your wishes.

Note - we do not build arenas outside the UK and some mainland European locations.

The LaserVenture Arena Kit system comprises two basic types of maze – panel maze and drum maze. The panel maze is the standard. Whether you include a drum maze will depend on the theming and space available.

For a typical theme of "Planetary Outpost" with external cargo bay, the proportions would be around 70% panel maze, 30% drum maze. The cost per square metre is the same, whatever the proportions. If your site is on the small side (sub 1500 sq ft) then a smaller proportion of drum maze may be desirable.

Anyone can cobble a pile of panels together. There is much more than that to building a maze that has atmosphere and good playability. A well-designed maze will retain player’s interest so that they return to play again...and again..and again.

The panel maze is constructed on a 1300mm matrix. The panels are strategically windowed. Because of the excellent range of the phasers, it is possible, with a little cunning, to score a long-distance hit on a very puzzled opponent several windows away.

The panels are supported by 100mm x100mm uprights and the whole assembly is braced by cross-struts at a height of 2.4 metres.

Once assembled the maze is painted in-situ (fig. 4+5) and then decorated with a variety of simulated ducting, cable trays and other appropriate items. We then affix a range of fluorescent signs, typically ‘Cargo Bay’, ‘Level One’, ‘Bio-hazard area’ and so on (fig. 6+7).

Importantly, we also affix safety warnings and games rules. All the overhead braces are fitted with fluorescent hazard chevrons. These are not so much for safety reasons, being that they are nearly 2.4m up, but serve to ‘close in’ the open ceiling.We have perfected the drum maze and, as far as we know, are the only supplier to offer such a thought-out system. Our drum maze (fig. 8) consists of stacks of 200 litre plastic drums, two to a stack. They are placed in triangular patterns in such a way that there are no direct through routes. The drums are decorated with fluorescent ‘toxic waste leaks’, bio-hazard warnings and highlighting. Because the drums are round, and players can move right around them, the style of play in this area is completely different from that in the panel maze, and players soon evolve their personal strategies for scoring hits on other players.

The tops of the 2 metre high drum towers are locked together using cross-struts attached to posts running through the height of the drums.

What do I have to do before you come to install the arena?

We require that the area is clear and clean. The maze will be painted on site, so no floor preparation should be done until we have completed the maze.

All mains-level electrical wiring is your responsibility and we will advise you during our preliminary visit as to the amount of UV lighting you require. As a guide, a 2000 sq ft (185 sq m) arena will require 25 UV fittings. If you wish, we can supply UV fittings at low cost.

We will require powerpoints, and again will advise you where those are required.

During the preliminary visit we will discuss the briefing and vesting room requirements. Most people will have an area that can be set aside for this. If not, we can fabricate partitions for these at the same time as we build the maze.

Whether we make two installation trips, one for the arena fabrication and one to fit electronics, or whether we install in one fell swoop will depend on a number of factors, not least of which is your wished-for deadline.

At all stages of the installation period, we we be available to give you whatever helpful advice we can.

How long will it take for me to get my system?

We generally quote a maximum of 10 weeks from the time your order is confirmed, until the time we hand over the working Laser Venture to you. In certain circumstances a shorter period is possible.


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