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The Crystallite phaser replaced the original Crystal Phaser twelve years ago and has been astoundingly successful. This compact and rugged unit features a transparent, slightly UV responsive shell made of high impact PETG, paired with an ABS chassis, joined with a heavy-duty rubbber buffer.The ‘works’ can be seen - a testament to our pride in the product – how many other manufacturers would like you to see how their phasers are built?! See our equipment being built

The Crystallite phaser uses the latest Atmel processor, a switched-mode power supply for optimum battery life, and Surface Mount Technology for light weight and the highest possible electronic integrity and reliability. There is also a port in the gun that allows software updates to be programmed in under 10 seconds.

Recessed triggers (for reliability) accommodate both the left and right handed player. The comfortable grip with rear trigger is complemented by the forward-positioned Grenade button.

The illuminated LCD display shows all required information at a glance - player name/alias, score, rank, who hit you and so on. A library of 50+ sounds provides all the messaging that you need.

You will need a venue for your LaserTag project - on the Downloads Page you will find pdfs describing how to build your own arena very economically. Sadly, as we are so busy, we no longer offer customers a free arena design service. The Crystallite phaser now also forms the basis of our Outdoor systems.

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Note: We DO NOT charge an annual Intellectual Copyright fee, nor do we force you into a maintenance contract

  Crystal phaser firing


Crystal Phaser detail



At the top of the phaser are three tri-leds which pulse gently during gameplay and flash during firing.

The rear trigger and either of the front triggers need to be operated simultaneously to fire the phaser. This is a safety feature - to discourage players waving phasers around Rambo-style. Players can fire single shots or bursts. The maximum length of a burst can be set at the main control PC, as can many other features.

Players can also fire grenades by holding down the grenade trigger with one of the other triggers. Grenades will hit all players within it's range. They will take a pre-determined number of lives or 'kill' the players (so they have to go to a recharge station) depending on whether the front or rear trigger was used.

All features like this (and many, many more) can easily be set globally at the control PC. You may create up to 1000 individual handicaps and can also import game data from remote URLs.

Remaining shots are indicated on the LCD display, cycling with other phaser information such as remaining lives, unexpired game time and so on. Phaser informations is updated four times per second, ie every 6 seconds for a 24 pack system.

Building your own Arena? Get handy tips on our Downloads page.

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See this video of the Crystallite System in action

Crystal phaser rocking  

The Vest

The lightweight Crystallite vest is less than half the weight of many other brands - light and incredibly tough. A complete pack (phaser and vest), weighs just 2.5kg.

The phaser is attached to the vest by an umbilical, a sewn webbing conduit which contains the vest data cable.

The vest has slim PETG housings, which gently glow in the dark, fixed to the front and back of the vest and the shoulders. All housings incorporate dual IR sensors and LEDs that flash to indicate that the vest is active, red or green, hit etc. The chest and back LED displays form the letter 'V' (As in Laserventure) and can sequence or flash in a variety of speeds and patterns.

The vest has a support strap at the rear, useful for securing the tiniest of players. This allows you to offer lasertag to even quite young players - down to five years of age.

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So how does it all work?

LaserVenture consists of any number of Phasers (up to 80), and uses a UHF radio link to pass score-data between them and the control PC.

Players fire their phasers at the other players. Multi-directional sensors on each player’s phaser and vest ensure accurate registering of hits, without the frustating need for pinpoint accuracy. Phasers can fire single shots or burst and, as mentioned above, can also launch grenades.

Players score in real time and their phaser LCD displays are constantly updated with their score, rank and other pertinent data such as remaining shots and lives.

The system is controlled by a long-established program called AtriumPlus, which runs on all Windows platforms. This allows you to book in up to 6 games at a time, to import games from a remote URL and to watch game progress on the Results Screen. One press arena operation is possible if you select Fast Track Operation. This amazing and simple function allows one operator to initialise a game with a preset number of players, start the game and music, stop the game on time and then automatically print the scoreforms.

Various game plans are available from a simple Every-Man-For-Himself to a series of sophisticated formats such as Highlander (there can be only one!) and Tug-o-War. You can create up to 1000 of your own handicaps, using the AtriumPlus Handicap Editor (introduced 2011), which can be assigned to any and/or every player. In doing this you effectively create your own game plans.

You have complete control over what music is played between games, at the start, during and at the end of games. Playlists of different types of music can be created so that you can tailor the sound in your arena to different types of game and/or clientele.

Intellectual Copyright - AtriumPlus is under continuing development as we respond to customers' needs and suggestions. When you purchase a Crystallite system you receive a one-time free-of-charge- lifetime licence. This allows you, at no cost whatsoever, to download current upgrades, from our Downloads Page. We do not charge any form of annual fee.

And how easy is it to operate?

Very! At it's simplest, in Fast Track mode, one button-press issues the phasers and starts the game with an accompanying custom-recorded music track. A second button-press stops the game. Below are screen shots of our PC control program, Atrium.

Fast Track operation

At its most sophisticated, you can enter players individually, assigning their name to the gun they will be using and giving handicaps to even up play between the more experienced player and the newcomer to the game Score form printing can be automatic after a game or again with a single button.

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See this video of the Crystallite System in action

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