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This Download Page allows you to freely download the programs used to control our products. We do not sell these programs, nor do we charge an annual licence fee. However, we do retain all rights to Intellectual Copyright.

Note: We DO NOT charge an annual Intellectual Copyright fee, nor do we force you into a maintenance contract

Below you will find not just brochures, but also instructions, demo and upgrade installation EXEs for the various programs. If you do not see what you want, then please contact us with your query. And if you want to know where in the world we have sold our equipment, click here!

And remember, LaserVenture can now supply many products from stock!

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Important - for LaserMaze Price List please scroll down to the top of the PinPoint/LazerMaze section

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Terms and Conditions   Our friendly terms of business for all transactions home or export - Please note that we now have NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER with LaserTag Deutschland - all service and sales enquiries for the Crystallite system (and all other products) should come direct to us  
Brochure PDFs

Crystallite System 356KB Arena based real time radio-link lasertag system  
Crystallite Technical Info 48KB Technical Information for the Crystallite Real Time System  
LaserMaze pdf 387KB Multiple laser obstacle course game - brief description  
Outdoor Laser Tag 516KB How to use the original Outdoor laser tag system - pdf  
Technical Specification 64KB Full Technical Specification of LaserVenture Products  


Program Installs/Upgrades

AtriumPlus V1.79 installer 4.9MB

February 03 2018 - Score Monitor resolution standardised to 1920 x 1080. INI file now initialises with Set Up Window co-ordinates sited in Primary Monitor Window. If the Set-Up window gets lost use Ctrl+Alt+S to find it. Bitmaps folder now added in readiness for upcoming revised Score Monitor.

AtriumPlus V1.79 upgrade 10.3MB As above  
AtriumPlus V1.76 installer   October 28 2017 - many new items as we progress towards the introduction of AtriumGold. Additions and change relate to Home Base Target and new game plans. Help file updated. Aalways make a copy of your previous c:\atriumplus folder complete as a full install will overwrite your INI file.  
AtriumPlus V1.76 upgrade   Upgrade for existing systems - only update the program EXE and help file - ir is recommended that you make a copy of c:\atriumplus folder, before and upgrade.  
AtriumPlus V1.71 installer   August 28 2016 - minor additions at customer request - please see help file - Note: Do not perform a fresh install over an existing setup - only perform an upgrade - otherwise, you will overwrite the INI file!  
AtriumPlus V1.71 upgrade   August 28 2016 - minor additions at customer request - please see help file  
Pinpoint/LaserMaze and CTarget   For LaserMaze instructions please see Instructions and useful Info below  
LaserMaze Full Price List Oct 2016 32KB Pricing for original Red system, now including SMPS  
PinPoint V1.45A installer 10.3MB March 01 2018 - Full Screen option and much more added to the Fast Track mode - revised help file  
PinPoint V1.45A upgrade 5.3MB As above  
PinPoint V1.44 installer 10.3MB February03 2018 - Score Monitor resolution standardised to 1920 x 1080.  
PinPoint V1.44 Upgrade 5.5MB As above  
PinPoint V1.42 installer 11.8MB November 10 2016 - many new features including Score Monitor graphics, Main Menu added, Tab controls revised and help file updated - also new manual - see below
Note: re-uploaded to correct failure to remember last Background MP3 - no change to revision #
PinPoint V1.41 Upgrade 5.2MB Only required if you have already performed a full install
Note: re-uploaded to correct failure to remember last Background MP3 - no change to revision #
PinPoint V1.41 Upgrade 2.00MB Sept 19 2015 - Minor error in Smoke tab corrected. New users should install V1.40 and then upgrade as necessary  
PinPoint V1.40 installer 7.95MB

August 09 2015 - Coin Mech (Slot) debounce time (Manage Tab) can now be set in multiples of the poll time (Set Up) making it easier to set up coin mechs that accept several denominations of coin.

Failure to always remember Game Time changes are now 'remembered'
Minor issue which played the wrong sound when a game is stopped because of failure to press the Midway button now eliminated.

Note - re-uploaded August 11 after minor adjustment to coin slot timing

PinPointPlus EXE only 1.3MB

V1001V development version - EXE only - Dec 18 2015

CTarget Full Install V1.16 2.93 Full Install March 16 2018 - installation aids added to Doagnostics Window  
CTarget Upgrade only V1.16 1.32 Upgrade March 16 2018 - installation aids added to Doagnostics Window  
CTarget V1.15 2.93MB Full Install February 03 2018 - includes choice of resolutions and a new game plan (Code)  
CTarget V1.11 2.7MB Full install April 2017  
CTarget V1.10 2.1MB Full Install March 2012  


Instructions and useful Info

Crystallite System Quick Start 36KB Get your new Crystallite System up and running in a trice - pdf file  
AtriumPlus Help File 86KB chm help file containing all you need to know about AtriumPlus  
Clamp Advisory 8KB Jan 2013 - advice on umbilical clamps for best data cable life  
Replacing the umbilical 8KB How to replace the complete data cable assembly  
Arena Clock Instructions 32KB How to use the new radio-loop-controlled Arena Clock  
Mini-IT Instructions 36KB How to set up the very useful Mini-IT for providing automatic recharging and mines in your new arena  
Arena Construction Notes 43KB Build your own arena simply and cheaply using panel and barrel mazes - pdf. This file has been updated to reflect the simple new design/construction method that we have developed.  
Arena Construction Tips 36KB Useful tips when using the above file - pdf  
LaserMaze (PinPoint) Instructions 1.4MB Updated Instructions (October 2013) on setting up your LaserMaze using the PinPoint control program - pdf file - addresses the new issue of how to use Green and Blue lasers - please see NEW FEATURES section at the end of the instructions - new equipment should use PinPoint V1.32 or higher  
Fastrack LaserMaze Instructions 90KB New (at November 2013) shortform instructions to enable you to easily and quickly install your LaserMaze. Note - it is always a good idea to also download the full instructions above.  
LaserMaze Risk Assessment 40KB Your questions about laser safety answered in simple terms - pdf file  
PinPoint Manual (V1.42) 160KB htm manual, updated with PinPoint V1.42 November 2016  
BOB Summary 24KB Description of BOB (The Device) set up and operation - pdf file  
De-Activating BOB 24KB How to run a team-building game using BOB (The Device) - pdf file  
CTarget Instructions 2.1MB Full Install March 2012  
CTarget Help File 28KB chm help file for CTarget target game  


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