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The Cash-and-Carry way to add a LaserMaze to your site at the lowest cost and without delay. Systems are supplied as self-install and can be in place and operational in a couple of hours from opening the box. We can supply LaserMaze with any number of lasers up to 32 channels (lasers). We do not supply the enclosures, which you can easily build yourself. In this way you will find that you can save 75% (or even more) of the cost of a comparable system from another supplier.

The extra-special deals we offer are based on you being prepared to show the occasional prospective customer your LaserMaze in operation. prices shown below are the heavily discounted prices and, separately, the full list prices.

Standard Red Laser (635nm) systems - for SMPS systems with green or blue lasers please let us know your requirements:

  LaserMaze RGB lasers

6 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP2990 (List price GBP4270)
8 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP3469 (List price GBP4996)
10 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP3990 (List Price GBP5722)
12 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP4490 (List Price GBP6448) Very popular
16 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP5490 (List Price GBP7900) Biggest Seller
20 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP7950 (List Price GBP11444)
24 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP8950 (List Price GBP12896)
32 Channel LaserMaze - only GBP9490 (List Price GBP13708)

Systems are supplied with a full complement of Laser and Sensor modules, Group Control boxes, PC Interface, Power Supply (110v-240v)l cabling,.. Lasers in other colours (Green+Blue) - contact us for pricing

See what LaserMaze can do for you. Why not download and evaluate the control program PinPoint from our Downloads Page. No Intellectual Copyright charges and free lifetime upgrades - just the same fair attitude as for all our products, including LaserTag!


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