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LaserMaze consists of a number of laser beams (up to 32) that light in groups. Players have to negotiate the beams without breaking them. The groups of beams can be programmed to change at variable periods - players then cannot ‘learn’ the system. Three skill levels are provided with ten choices of beam pattern per level. A 16 channel (laser) system has over 1000 possible combinations of beam pattern.

LaserMaze requires a minimum of floor space. A play area of as little as 2m by 4m can be used, while optimum results are obtained with a maze in the order of 4m wide and 6m long. By using the Midway button facility you can effectively double the length of the game, automatically changing the beam pattern when the player starts on his/her return trip through the maze.

LaserMaze can be used as an extremely low-cost stand-alone game or as an integral part of a LaserVenture lasertag arena - see our Lasermaze Deals page.

Right: LaserMaze in operation at the Summer Palace of the Crown Prince of Dubaii


LaserMaze is simple to set up and can be used in a transportable system (We have owners operating LaserMaze in trailers). Once the laser beams have been manually aligned, no further setting up is required, the control program, PinPoint 'associating' the laser and sensor modules automatically.

LaserMaze can be operated at varying skill levels, in automatic (continuous) mode, or in manual mode using the PinPoint software provided (Available to freely download).

Operators have the choice between two operating windows, the main window and FastTrack, requiring only that start and stop buttons be pressed (both screens are shown below).

PinPoint controls not just the game but also the sound effects used during the game. You can use the extensive library or also supply your own sound files. Provision is supplied for slot machine game start/stop as well as security loop operation. You may also connect extra equipment to the Group Control Boxes in order to operate sound and light effects.

Games may be started from the PC but but players, using the heavy-duty start, stop and midway buttons supplied with each system. Why not download for evaluation the LaserMaze control program, PinPoint from our Downloads Page?

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See LaserMaze in action! - See our equipment being built....

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Above: The Score Monitor Game Play screen
Below: The Score Monitor Results Screen

Control Screen Pics.....

Above: The Main Control Window
Below: The FastTrack window

The FastTrack window

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