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LaserTag In A Box

Plug-n-Play Deals

Systems complete with storage racks, chargers, Arena Transceiver and Mini-ITs (clever devices that act as Recharge Stations and Mines)

6 pack system: from GBP5900

12 pack system: from GBP11,900

18 pack systems: from GBP16,800

Unvested systems (suitable for soft-play venues and younger children) start at GBP2900 for a 6 pack system complete.

Systems are supplied ready to plug in and go. Your arena can be operational within 2 hours of opening LaserTag In A Box. Here at LaserVenture we have spent a lot of time over the last year improving delivery times - the plan is to offer 'off-the-shelf' product to our customers.

Look at what's on offer - we shall update this page very soon with pics and extra information. For more details, contact us. For info on how to build your own arena/maze cheaply and simply, see the pdfs on our Downloads Page. (Where do we have systems?)

Or email us for your extra-special quotation

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