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BOB (The Device)


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BOB (the device)




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C-Target is a multi-target reaction game that can be played using the Crystallite phaser.

C-Target consists of a number of small target modules (typically 12, but can between 2 and 20 targets) which are mounted on a backdrop of your choice. The backdrop can be themed or simply black.

The modules attach using hook+loop pads and connect in any order using RJ45 leads (supplied). Typically, a set of 12 targets would occupy a target area 5m x 2m.

The target modules terminate at a small interface unit which can be mains or battery operated. The interface connects to a PC (usually a laptop) and the monitor provides the score display.

See C-Target in action in this video >




Grid Of Stones

Grid of Stones

To Special Order only

Grid of Stones is a new game developed in conjunction with Condover Hall a massive kids entertainment and training centre near Shrewsbury, UK. Players have to negotiate a path though the maze of hexagon-shaped pads. Steeping on wrong pads incurs penalties. The pads light brightly red or green depending on whether the pad has been stepped upon correctly. This is a fun game that can have thousands of combinations of path through the grid.

For more information, and to learn how to adapt these games to your special requirements, why not contact us.

  Grid Of Stones


Retrieve The Key  

Retrieve The Key

Retrieve The Key

To Special Order only

Retrieve The Key is another new game based on the Grid Of Stones hardware. Each hexagon is alloted a value (positive or negative points). A target score is set and displayed on a large seven-segment display. The objective for the players is to make their way across the maze and accumulate enough points at which stage the key will be released for them to retrieve.

More info? have an idea of your own? Contact us!



Bump 'n' tag


Whether you are planning a brand-new dodgem car ride, or wish to re-vitalise your existing bumper car system, Bump’n’Tag offers a cost effective solution, adding extra dimension and excitement to a long-standing favourite.

The essence of the game is simple. The ride is lightly smoked. Overhead red and green lamps light in random groups at varying intervals. The drivers of the cars attempt drive under their own team lights, or to push opponents under ‘hostile’ lamps. Points are awarded and displayed in real time on a large scoreboard at the side of the ride. The cars use small infra-red transmitters, which can be mounted at build-time, or retro-fitted.

We have systems in place in Tokyo and Budapest. Why not contact us?

Bump 'n' tag

The PC control program, Arena (below), controls not only the game time, number of lamps, period of changing etc, but can also control smoke machines, ride lighting and UV lighting. The system is simplicity itself to operate.

Arena PC controller

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